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Because it's family we want to make sure you receive the highest-quality, dependable caregiver for you. Charlotte Care Services performs an in-depth screening process on each caregiver prior to employment.

When a caregiver applies for employment, we perform the following to make sure they qualify as a professional, quality caregiver:

  • We personally meet and interview every caregiver to make sure they meet our stringent criteria as a caregiver
  • We conduct a thorough criminal background check, including personal identity verification and checking their name/address history against the Local and National Sex Offender Registry
  • We require all caregivers to be CPR/First Aid certified
  • We require each potential caregiver to give at least four places of work history to be reviewed, along with having prior experience in the caregiving realm of work
  • We require personal and work references from each potential applicant and conduct verification on each
  • Driving record verification is performed
  • Each caregiver's educational background is verified
  • As a preference, our caregivers are not younger than 21 years of age

Whether you require a caregiver to

  • look after your children for date night, while you are at work, or on a trip,
  • walk your pet or pets while you're away or at work,

we have one on staff who can look after them.

Call us today...we can help. 704-335-0501

We are always looking for qualified caregivers to join our team. Please call us to schedule a time to come in and meet with us.