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You want the best for your family, but looking for a reliable, experienced babysitter shouldn't be a full-time job. You've thought about signing up with a service but are unsure about the whole process. You don't want to rush around, making lots of phone calls only to be turned down by one sitter after another. At Charlotte Care Services, our philosophy is that simpler is better. When you need a caregiver (24/7), just call. (704-335-0501) That's it.

For over 30 years, our goal has been to provide our clients in need of a qualified caregiver and offer a quality service in which you can trust and feel secure. We have been trusted by Charlotte parents who recommend us to their family and friends, over many generations!

Charlotte Care Services' caregivers are available on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. If you are looking for an on-call sitter for date night, to run errands, or just to take some time for yourself, we have one available. If you require an on-going caregiver for part-time or full-time caregiving, we can also provide you with a caregiver for such a job. Rates start at $14/hr.

Mother's Helper

Sometimes you need an extra set of hands with the children and household. We can provide a caregiver to assist you as a "Mother's Helper." A Mother's Helper is a caregiver who will be responsible for caring for the children as well as assisting you as needed with light housekeeping, light laundry, preparing light meals and cleaning dishes. Rates start at $25/hr.

Traveling Families (Hotel/Vacation Child Care)

Are you visiting the Charlotte area and need child care? We welcome our traveling families to give us a call if you're staying in a hotel, bed & breakfast or even with family and friends in and around town. We want you to have peace of mind while you're away from them, and we want them to feel "at home" away from home. Rates start at $18.50/hr.

Special Occasion/Event

Do you have a wedding coming up where you'll need child care? Is your company sponsoring an event in Charlotte where the attendees will bring their families? When planning a special occasion or event we will be happy to discuss your needs in which you require child care services. We will coordinate with you on activities for the children so the adults can relax and enjoy the event. We are fully insured and is often necessary for the event venue to request proof of insurance. Please call 704-335-0501 for more information and rates or e-mail us.

Day Care Centers

If you own or manage a local day care center, you may find yourself needing to temporarily fill a position for an absent employee. We can provide you with a caregiver to help fulfill the child/adult ratio required by law. Charlotte Care Services has been providing caregivers for local day care centers on a regular basis or even just in emergencies. While we do not provide lead teachers, we will be happy to assist. Please give us a call to review your needs or e-mail us.

About Our Caregivers

When a caregiver applies for employment, we perform the following to make sure they qualify as a professional, quality caregiver:

  • We personally meet and interview every caregiver to make sure they meet our stringent criteria as a caregiver
  • We conduct a thorough criminal background check, including personal identity verification and checking their name/address history against the Local and National Sex Offender Registry
  • We require all caregivers to be CPR/First Aid certified
  • We require each potential caregiver to give at least four places of work history to be reviewed, along with having prior experience in the caregiving realm of work
  • We require personal and work references from each potential applicant and conduct verification on each
  • Driving record verification is performed
  • Each caregiver's educational background is verified

Where did "Grandmothers" go?

Right here! We are still known as "Grandmother's," but a shorter name has evolved out of Charlotte Care Services, Inc./Grandmothers, Inc.. We are now just "Charlotte Care Services, Inc." A brief history: Charlotte Care Services opened in 1986, and we were entrusted with child care clients from Grandmother's, Inc. which opened in 1977. The two agencies have become one agency formed with the passion for caregiving. So the reputation and experience for providing quality child care in the Charlotte area has been ours for over 30 years - and we're proud of that. Families continue to pass along our name from generation to generation, and from friend to friend. We thank every single family for making us a part of their family, most especially we are truly honored.

We Are Not A Referral Agency

We don't charge referral fees. We have an annual membership fee for child care. The membership fee covers costs associated with employment of caregivers, insurances, and general business costs.* After that, it's an hourly fee when you use our caregivers. Check out our rates. 

We are the caregiver's employer; we don't charge our caregivers to work for us. So you don't have to worry about negotiating prices with the caregiver, keeping track of the caregiver's hours and fees paid to both the referral agency and the caregiver. Why is this an important difference? Referral agencies are not the caregiver's employer, you are. And according to the IRS, if you have a household employee to do household work (including babysitters, caretakers, home health aides, and nannies), that worker is your employee - along with paying all the extra taxes and medicare/social security employer match. IRS Publication 926 explains this in more detail. But why make it difficult on yourself? Just call us. We'll be happy to help.

However because we are the employer, we kindly ask that all sitting requests come through our office.

*Serious consideration should also be made whether our service is right you and your family, because membership fees will not be refunded.