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Charlotte Care Services is pleased to offer our clients home services such as house sitting, messenger service, running errands, personal assistant or any other help you need with keeping your busy life organized and headache-free.

House Sitting

Security alarm systems offer the extra security you might need, but you'd feel safer knowing there is a caregiver who is keeping a watchful eye over your home. Let us know if you'd like for our trusted caregiver to make your home look "lived-in" by turning on and off your lights, bringing in your mail, newspapers and circulars promptly, watering your plants and lawn, or handling any emergencies that may arise according to your personal instructions.

Messenger/Errand Service

A versatile service offered by Charlotte Care Services is the convenience of a full service pick-up and delivery, such as grocery shopping, banking, library, bakery, post office, dry cleaners and general errand running. A service guaranteed to lighten your burden and brighten your day.

Personal Assistant

Give us a call and let us send a caregiver to help you organize your home, write personal notes, cards or envelopes, stay in your home to wait on maintenance people, such as phone, cable, furniture/appliance delivery, home repairs, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, or as a personal shopper during busy holiday times like Christmas. Whatever you can think of to lighten your load, give us a call (704-335-0501), we can help.